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Grow healthier trees
using fewer trays, less space
and less plastic

RootSmart  for Healthier Trees


RootSmart™ is an open-walled propagation tray that promotes healthy root development and prevents root defects during propagation. With minimal plastic and maximum air flow, liners benefit from optimal root air pruning. 


Better density, efficiency, consistency, profitability, sustainability and quality.


Give customers healthier trees they can trust. Get proven results with RootSmart™.

Upper Canada Apples from TC to RootSmart Apr 24 20 (8).jpg

See the RootSmart  Difference


These Eastern Cottonwood (2 yrs) and Black Cherry trees (1 yr) were propagated and dug on the same day by Vineland Research & Innovation Centre as part of a 5-year field establishment trial. Can you tell which tree started in RootSmart™ ?

RootSmart root comparison

I'm a RootSmart™ tree


I'm a RootSmart™ tree

Abundance RootSmart (4).jpg

Get started with our Grower Guide

Download our comprehensive guide for growers getting started with the RootSmart™ propagation system. 


This roadmap offers straightforward advice on growing media, set-up, watering and fertilization, handling, production cycle timing, transitioning into containers or field, and more.

Put together by the research team at Vineland Innovation & Research Centre, you can trust that this guide provides the key information you need to succeed and grow healthier trees that will improve your ROI.


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