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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RootSmart™?

RootSmart™ is an innovative, open-walled propagation tray that produces consistent, top quality root systems in trees using air pruning, helping growers increase their profitability and deliver healthier trees to consumers.

What are root defects?

A healthy tree develops lateral roots that extend as wide as the tree canopy. When lateral growth is obstructed, for example by a growing container or tray, the roots can develop defects such as circling or girdling roots, ascending roots or descending roots. These defects that start in propagation are persistent and can't be reversed. Learn more here.

What are 

Ellepots by A.M.A?

Ellepots by A.M.A. are bounded growing media, which includes a mix of your choice, wrapped in degradable paper that allows roots to breath. A.M.A. has produced and shipped over one billion Ellepots by A.M.A. across North America. Save time, labour and plastic. Use them with RootSmart™ or other trays. Learn more at

What's included with the system?

The system includes an innovative, wall-less, bottomless tray with a snap on lid that houses bounded media, such as Ellepots by A.M.A.

How does it promote

air pruning?

Its uniquely open design has minimal plastic and maximum air. Roots are able to grow outwards naturally rather than be deflected by the walls of the tray. As the roots come into contact with the air, they naturally prune. See examples of fibrous, 360 degree root growth here. 

What are the dimensions of the tray?

 37.4cm (14.72”)


37.4cm (14.72”)


12.2cm  (4.8")


*The Ellepot sticks up above the top of the tray by about 2 cm or 1".

What size Ellepot does it hold?

60mm (2.36”)


100mm  (3.937”)

What colour does the tray come in?



We would be happy to discuss other colours with you.

How do I irrigate the tray?

Increase watering frequency with lower dosages (same amount per day, just spread out more). We know from the research that Ellepots by A.M.A. hold water very well. Liners situated around the outer edges of the tray are more prone to drying than the liners in the middle of the tray. Trays situated at the outer edges of a block are more prone to drying than trays in the centre.

Overwatering is and remains the biggest challenge in propagation. RootSmart™, like all trays, can be overwatered. We would advise against watering hydroponically. This method would require contact or near contact between the bottom of the Ellepot and the bench/table/floor, reducing necessary airflow and preventing air pruning of roots. The distance from the bench/table/floor to the Ellepot was precisely determined from the research phase in RootSmart™ development.

For tips on watering, fertilizing, spacing and so much more, see the Grower Guide created by Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. It's your how-to for getting started with RootSmart™. 


What mix is available?

For pre-filled RootSmart™ trays, you can order Ellepots by A.M.A. with any of our mixes. We recommend:

  • A.M.A. Grow Mix: 60% peat, 30% fine perlite, 10% coir, wetting agent, starter charge, RootShield

  • A.M.A. High Porosity Mix: 45% peat, 45% fine perlite, 10% coir, wetting agent, starter charge, RootShield

  • A.M.A. Organic Mix: 85% fine peat, 15% fine perlite, organic slow release fertilizer, limestone
    OR 100% fine peat, limestone, wetting agent, organic slow release fertilizer

We have produced over one billion Ellepots by A.M.A. and shipped them across North America. Place your custom RootSmart™ order with Ellepots by A.M.A. today.

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