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Grower Guide: Getting Started in RootSmart™


Any tray is only as good as your approach to propagation management. The unique, open-wall design of the RootSmart™ tray may require some growers to adjust their approach for best performance, especially when it comes to watering. 

Growing in RootSmart™ is a roadmap for nursery growers on selecting growing media, set-up, watering and fertilization, handling, production cycle timing, transitioning into containers or field, irrigation and other considerations. Plus, bonus tips from the researchers at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, who produced this evidence-based guide! 

It's all you need to know to get going with RootSmart™.

Grower Tip: Inspect Your Roots

If roots are the foundation of your business, take time to inspect them.

“If roots are descending or beginning to circle, these are tell-tale signs of defects and deflections," says Dr. Darby McGrath, Senior Scientist, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre.

"Although different species have different root topologies, what you want to see in finished propagation liners is evenly spaced branching roots with tips facing outward.”

Best Species to Start in RootSmart™

Scientists at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre have found that some species benefit significantly from propagation in RootSmart™. They have put together a list of key species to start in the tray, including tough-to-grow native trees like oak. 

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