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More Air, Less Plastic

Say goodbye to root girdling 

A healthy tree develops lateral roots that extend as wide as the tree canopy. Typical propagation containers force roots down until they reach the bottom of the tray. With nowhere left to go, the roots circle around each other into a tangled, unstable mess. This is how root defects, including circling/girdling, diving, ascending or kinked roots, get started.


And studies show that they can’t be reversed down the line. Even if you shave, prune or air prune the roots, you can’t course correct to change their direction. Eventually they create an unstable foundation that increases rates of tree mortality.

Air pruning at its best

The RootSmart™ tray helps solve the problem of root defects in propagation with an innovative, open-walled design that promotes lateral root growth without obstruction. 80% of the liner is directly exposed to the air with only 20% coming into contact with the wall of the tray, compared to typical trays where at least 90% of the liner is touching plastic. 


RootSmart™ is the only evidence-based tray on the market that produces a natural, uninhibited root system by using air pruning to promote branching and create fibrous, evenly distributed roots.

It's all about more air, less plastic to promote optimal air pruning during propagation, when it really counts. As the roots come into contact with the air outside of the tray, they naturally prune themselves, allowing continued growth in a healthy, lateral direction.

Root... not so smart

Look for healthy, fibrous 360-degree roots that are evenly distributed around the central stem. These photos were taken at Vineland Innovation and Research Centre as part of the field establishment trial comparing the RootSmart™ tray with commonly used propagation trays.

Choose RootSmart    for healthy root architecture.
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