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Always Learning, Always Growing

About A.M.A. Horticulture

A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. is a dynamic, solutions-focused supplier that has been serving the horticulture industry since 1982. Our team of industry experts understands emerging trends, opportunities and pain points. We work alongside our customers to deliver innovative, custom solutions and cutting-edge products that improve growth and profitability.

As a leader in hydroponics, propagation and emerging areas including berry production, we work alongside our customers to design crop-specific substrates, custom propagation packages, plug trays and containers, unique growing systems that support automation and more.

We believe RootSmart™ is a game changer. In five years, we expect that our industry will see significant impact and efficiency as propagation practices improve. In ten years, that impact will ripple out across our cities, parks and in our own backyards, as healthier, more beautiful trees begin to take root.


Discover how we can deliver solutions for your success today. Visit our main website at to request a quote on RootSmart™ and other solutions. 

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