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RootSmart™ promotes the ideal root architecture for better quality, healthier trees that will live out their full life cycle, giving growers greater value for money and increasing profitability on each crop, and helping end-users plant trees that will last. The tray is especially beneficial for tap-rooting species. Click the boxes to learn more. 

60mm RootSmart Elms Bailey (11).jpg
Better Roots

Healthy, fibrous, 360-degree roots.

See how promoting healthier root systems can benefit growers and improve stock. 

Better Trees

Plant a tree that will last its full life cycle.

See how better roots support better tree establishment and less mortality.

Upper Canada Apples from TC to RootSmart Apr 24 20 (8).jpg
Better Profits

Increase density, efficiency, sustainability. 

See how this tray comes with added advantages to enhance grower ROI.

Bur Oak 2.jpg
Benefits for Key Species

Advantages for native species.

See a list of key, tough-to-grow trees with strong tap-rooting systems that benefit from this tray.

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