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Proven Results

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre partnered with A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. to find solutions to the problem of root defects in propagation. After studying 14 existing trays and their effect on root growth, the Vineland team worked with A.M.A. to develop the innovative RootSmart™ tray and bring it to market for growers. 

How RootSmart™ compares to other trays

A five-year tree establishment trial compared the RootSmart™ tray with four commonly used propagation trays. Black cherry and eastern cottonwood trees were propagated and planted into the field. Researchers dug up a row of trees each year to analyze the root systems for key traits that support healthy tree establishment.


The trial asked two questions. Do root defects occurring in propagation persist in the field? Can an open-wall tray design promote healthier root systems? 

The answers: Yes and yes. 


A report published by A.M.A. and Vineland summarizes the findings of the field trial. 




Niagara College horticulture students are also using the RootSmart™ system in an ongoing study propagating white oak trees.


Read about their findings: Growing Healthy Oaks

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