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Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, a world-class research centre dedicated to horticultural science and innovation, formed a partnership with A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. to find solutions to the problem of root defects in propagation.


After studying 14 different trays already on the market and their effects on roots, the Vineland team worked closely with A.M.A. over three growing cycles to develop the RootSmart    innovation, with funding support from the Agricultural Adaptation Council

Vineland continues to conduct field trials on trees propagated in different propagation trays, including the RootSmart    system. Each year, the research team digs up trees to analyze root growth and health. 

Read about their findings:

August 2020: New shorter production cycle propagation trays available


January 2020: Propagation Trays Play a Vital Role in Tree Health


January 2019: RootSmart    Field Trials Show Healthier Tree Establishment

January 2018: New Propagation System is Proven to Prevent Root Girdling

Niagara College horticulture students are also using the RootSmart   system in an ongoing study propagating white oak trees. 

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