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A Division of E & B Medel Orchards Ltd.

Markus Weber, Head Grower 
Leamington, ON

"Here at Plantigro Nursery we work in collaboration with A.M.A. to find new ways for our propagation of diverse fruit tree rootstocks.


In our experiment with different types of soil mixes and trays we found that the root structure of cherry in the RootSmart™ plugs was excellent. The root distribution was even all around the plug and the root pruning worked great. This means there will be no curled roots!


We also put the trays into a cooler this winter to see how they would survive. As of March 1st the roots looked very good and the buds on the trees are healthy.

Overall the RootSmart™ idea seems to work and we hope to see good results on many more fruit trees in the future."

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