RootSmartTM is sold exclusively by A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

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RootSmart    is for innovative growers who value sustainable, quality products that will ensure their success over the long term by delivering the best quality product to their customers.


Ornamental Tree Growers, propagating with RootSmart    means that end consumers can confidently purchase trees, knowing that they will not only last but grow healthy and full, season after season.


Fruit and Nut Tree Growers, propagating with RootSmart    means that orchards will hold up in sandy soil and withstand suboptimal weather conditions while producing a higher yield with less culling and less labour for a better bottom line.


RootSmart    is a leading-edge propagation system that saves money and increases profitability by producing better quality trees, season after season.


Time is Money


Root girdling is invisible for the first few years of a tree’s growth. When you plant a young tree today, you expect a mature tree in ten or twenty years. But if in five years you start to see leaf decay or rot, you have to replant that tree. Not only have you lost that time and money, you might ask yourself, will the next tree be any better?


RootSmart    removes the guesswork.


By preventing root girdling at the propagation stage, the RootSmart 
system is proven to:

  • Shorten crop cycles

  • Reduce labour costs

  • Reduce culls

  • Improve water use


See how it works.

Choose RootSmart    for better profitability and cost savings.