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Better Profits

RootSmart    can increase profitability, sustainability and reputation by producing better quality trees using less space and fewer resources, season after season.


Improve Density
  • Grow healthier trees using fewer trays and less space

  • Growers have estimated up to 38% more trees using 7% less space compared to a typical 18-count tray

Improve Efficiency
  • Get trees into the field earlier

  • Growers have reported higher take rates and faster growth

Improve Quality

Did You Know

You can improve sustainability with RootSmart™ by using fewer resources and producing less plastic waste.

  • 101 lbs of paper waste vs. 2,000 lbs of plastic pot waste for every 100,000 plants 

Ornamental Tree Growers

Future-proof your reputation and help end consumers purchase and plant trees with confidence, knowing that they will not only last but grow healthy and full, season after season.


Fruit and Nut Tree Growers

Help ensure that orchards will hold up in sandy soil and better withstand windthrow and harsh weather conditions while producing a higher yield with less culling and less labour for a better bottom line.

Choose RootSmart    for better profitability and cost savings.
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