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Better Trees

Healthy trees are valuable assets. Across the industry, greater focus is being placed on examining healthy root structures in the buying process. 


It has been reported that for every 100 urban trees planted, only 50 will live 13-20 years. Large-scale tree planting programs support the fight against climate change and producing quality nursery stock is critical to their success. 

By promoting healthy root architecture during propagation, RootSmart™ has been shown to improve tree establishment and prevent permanent defects that have been linked with tree mortality:


Healthier root systems have been linked with:

  • Better transplant success

  • Reduced tree mortality

  • Decreased shrink

  • Increased crop uniformity and yield

  • Full, healthy beautiful trees

Greening the Landscape

The RootSmart™ innovation is just one way A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. promotes healthier trees, everywhere. A.M.A. is also a proud member of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre's Greening the Landscape Research Consortium, working with partners across the country to support development, growth and improvements in Canada’s urban landscape.

Choose RootSmart    for better quality trees.
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